What is Lifesharing?

Lifesharing is an adult residential option offered as an alternative to community, independent or supported living. Since 1985, KenCrest’s Lifesharing program has successfully brought over 60 families together, almost half of which have been together for over 10 years.

Choosing Lifesharing

Community living for adults with disabilitiesA new family is created by Lifesharing giving everyone involved new, enduring relationships that provide an ideal foundation for learning, encouraging self-esteem, and fostering interdependence.

The focus is on the growth and development of each Lifesharing individual supporting their achievement to their fullest potential, according to their individual needs, while providing the community access and involvement required for success.

For Provider Families

Being a Lifesharing family with an individual who may or may not be biologically related means opening your home and heart to someone who requires or desires to live in a shared, supportive environment that is more family-like.

Lifesharing families meet the physical, medical, emotional, and social needs of the individuals being served. They provide a family that supports full access to and integration into the community, including activities, events, employment, volunteering, and more. Individuals are supported to have goals, dream dreams, make plans, and live an *Everyday Life.

Lifesharing participants become a full member of the Lifesharing family, and enriching their new family by bringing their own traditions, abilities, and life choices.

For Lifesharing Individuals

Choosing Lifesharing over other living options is a decision made by each individual after careful review and consideration of all available options, and how each suits their preferred style of living and personal life goals. In Lifesharing, you will share your life, traditions, goals, and values with a family or individual in a lasting and caring family environment.

Lifesharing Referral Process

 Adult Lifesharing PAFor Provider Families

KenCrest is accepting applications for new provider families! Contact us at 610-487-1582 to learn more. If you are currently Lifesharing through another provider, you have the option of switching to KenCrest as your support agency of choice, at any time. New families are encouraged to reach out for more information.

For Lifesharing Individuals

New Lifesharing individuals can be referred to KenCrest via a supports coordinator or other county official or by contacting KenCrest directly to learn more and get the process started. We welcome those who are entirely new to Lifesharing or currently in a program with another provider. If you are currently in Lifesharing, you may be able to switch to receive supports from KenCrest while staying with your current family.


For Provider Family

Full support is provided to all Lifesharing families and unlike other Lifesharing providers, continues for the duration of the Lifesharing program participation, beginning the first day of program participation with as little or as much support as required or requested. Supports available for Lifesharing families include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 on- call emergency support
  • Ongoing, individualized training conveniently offered in the family’s home
  • Substitute and respite care (up to 30 days annually)
  • Team support and person-centered planning
  • Assistance with medical support


every day living options for adults with disabilitiesFor Lifesharing Individuals

For each individual who chooses Lifesharing, Kencrest provides transitional and ongoing support, as little or as much is requested or required. Supports include, but are not limited to:

  • ISP goals (behavior plans supports as applicable)
  • Personal dreams and aspirations
  • Individual choices and preferences
  • Desired control of one’s life


Program Requirements

For Provider Families

Meeting the Lifesharing program requirements is very important. The requirements are based on what is needed to support the success of the Lifesharing program and each individual in a variety of areas.

Lifesharing provider families are required to provide safe, stable, nurturing home environments.
All prospective Lifesharing provider families go through a lengthy and comprehensive evaluation process, and must successfully;

  • Complete the KenCrest-funded  background checks and clearances
  • Be insured
  • Be in good health
  • Provide multiple references

All families complete a rigorous training program and receive additional ongoing, supportive regular training.

For Lifesharing Individuals

After the completion of a referral packet, individuals will have a series of meetings to identify their desires and goals. The current ISP will also be used in developing a customized plan which will be used when matching each person with the family that best matches!

Additional Resources

KenCrest’s Meaningful Life

KenCrest’s Meaningful Life initiative is an internal KenCrest program which supports the guidelines offered in the Everyday Lives: Values in Action guide and principles provided in Charting the LifeCourse Framework.

For additional information contact or 610-487-1582


“Our story begins in 1990 when we heard about Lifesharing. Dan was first to join our family. Things went well and then Ted joined our family. Watching these 2 men flourish and grow has been exciting and rewarding. Little did we know that we would also be blessed? Not only did Dan and Ted join our family, we, too, gained an extended family.”

-Cindy, Lifesharer since 1992

“I love living in Lifesharing because I get to have dogs who sit on my lap and I get to go to fun places with Melissa, Grandmom and John, and I’m going to be an uncle as soon as Guy and Jill have this baby. We are going to Disney again”.

-Dave, supported person who has lived with Melissa since 2006
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