KenCrest Services Locations


With a history spanning more than 118 years, KenCrest serves over 12,500 people to live their best, most meaningful lives. KenCrest supports community development by exploring possibilities, mobilizing resources, and empowering dreams for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD), young children, and their families in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware. We provide community-based support services—including early intervention, clinical, community engagement, residential programs, and employment services.


Our quality of care, genuine compassion, and dedication to go above and beyond for those we serve has been our hallmark for over a century. From helping people suffering from Tuberculosis to assisting people with disabilities achieve a meaningful, independent life, KenCrest is and always will be about the people we serve.

KenCrest believes in empowering equal opportunities for everyone regardless of race, gender, age, mental, emotional, or physical ability. Our KenCrest services create and advocate for inclusive environments. We also pride ourselves on building positive, trusting relationships with the people we support, their families, team members, and funders. These collaborative relationships are essential for communication, happiness, and success. KenCrest’s headquarters is located in Blue Bell, PA, in Montgomery County.

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