Mission & Values

The KenCrest Difference

At KenCrest, we not only support person-centered planning but make it a priority.

We believe that everyone:

  • Should live in a home of their choosing, surrounded by people who love them.
  • Can participate in a meaning-filled employment opportunity or meaningful activities of their choosing.
  • Is deserving and capable of building genuine connections and friendships.
  • Can access and thrive in-inclusive, community settings with supports.

All our services seek to increase a person’s quality of life based on desires, preferences, and goals. Anyone with an Individual Support Plan (ISP), Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP), Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP), or Individual Program Plan (IPP) has a customized person-centered plan.

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Our Mission

KenCrest's mission is to support community development by exploring possibilities, mobilizing resources, and empowering dreams. 

Our Values

Positive approaches
Reaching higher

Our Guiding Themes

Advocacy and social responsibility
Economic accountability
Strategic growth

What We Do

  • Create a vision for each person’s future.
  • Focus on what’s important to each person—goals, dreams, and how to communicate those.
  • Give freedom to decide and to change decisions.
  • Let a person choose how their life looks.
  • Encourage a person to try new things and acquire new skills.
  • Allow a choice in who provides support and how that support looks.
  • Let a person decide with whom they live and share their life.
  • Define how a person is treated/related to.

KenCrest By The Numbers


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