Supported Independent Living

Through KenCrest's Supported Independent Living program, people with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) can live an independent lifestyle with up to 30 hours of supports each week based on their support needs and desired outcomes.

Using Charting the Life Course program, the people we support with an IDD or an autism diagnosis learn ways to communicate their needs, advocate for support, and reach their goals. Through this, we learn what is most important to help them plan and live a meaning-filled life; as their needs, wants, and desires change, we are with them every step of the way.

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Our program is available in Pennsylvania’s Bucks, Montgomery, Berks, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester counties.

There are two services available under the Supported Independent Living umbrella:

  • Unlicensed Residential Living – Residents live in a property that is owned or leased by KenCrest
  • Supported Independent Living – Residents own or rent their own home with help from a licensed PA realtor
  • Developing activities of daily living (ADLs) skills, including meal prepping, shopping skills, cleaning, and essential home maintenance
  • Money management and budgeting skills
  • Scheduling and attending medical appointments, communicating with healthcare professionals, and following up on healthcare needs
  • Accessing and participating in their community through staff support or receiving help to access public transportation or ride-sharing services
  • Access to our on-call services

Additionally, KenCrest supports those who are parents, enabling them to continue living a meaningful everyday life. Our residents partner with an approved realtor to assist them in finding a home perfect for them and to have the ability to control how and where they want to live. Plus, we offer on-call services by trained personnel in an emergency.


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