Clinical Services

At KenCrest, the Clinical Department supports intellectually disabled, autistic adults, and students K-12 by conducting assessments to create a comprehensive treatment plan for behavior, sexuality, communication, and additional therapies. We offer services in the community at jobs, programs, schools, volunteer settings, or during community participation supports (CPS). We also provide home services in any KenCrest residential environment, homes owned or operated by external, residential agencies, and family or individually-owned homes.

Clinical Services are available within Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania.

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Learn more about the clinical services we provide:

Our Trauma-Informed Relational-Theory-based Behavioral Support Professionals offer an updated, best-practice approach to take a holistic view of the needs of clients, families, and teams.

  • Using a trauma-informed and team-centered approach, we develop treatment plans that offer step-by-step interventions for ease of implementation to clients, families, staff, and other team members.
  • We create a desensitization plan for overwhelming routines, including doctor’s appointments or hygiene tasks using trauma-informed practices and consent.
  • We recommend alternative therapies, and treatment modalities, including medical follow-ups.
  • Work collaboratively with a psychiatrist to support mental and behavioral health concerns and offer feedback on the effectiveness of psychotropic medications. We value the minimization of psychotropic drugs whenever possible.

Our team of Sexuality Support Professionals partners with people, teams, and families to support meaningful lives through the following:

  • Completion of sexuality assessments depends on the referral's needs: education, consent, safety/risk, or sexual behaviors.
  • Writing sexuality plans focused on educational goals, clinical goals, or both.
  • Support relationship development and maintenance by educating the families on the rights of each person.
  • Assisting teams to work with outside agencies such as child advocacy centers, victim assistance centers, probation officers, police, or sexual assault nurse examiners.
  • Create policies and train all staff at an agency to support healthy sexuality initiatives throughout the company.
  • Help school officials address sexuality concerns during the school day.

Our team includes Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication specialists, and experts in Enabling Technologies. Together, we can:

  • Assess communication strategies and develop a communication action plan to identify the client's needs and intervention for the team.
  • Create communication tools and techniques to enhance someone’s ability to communicate with community members and at home.
  • Assist with set-up and training communication devices, apps, or systems with personalization.
  • Check in with teams to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to tools and problem-solving.

Other Therapies

  • Music Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy: coming soon

Referral Form

To make a referral, please complete this KenCrest Clinical Referral Form. When you are finished, attach the form to an email with the ISP or IEP and send it to We will email you to gather further information about the case and set up a specialist or consultant.

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