Three KenCrest Clients Search for the Perfect Lifesharing Partners


KenCrest’s Lifesharing program connects people with developmental and intellectual disabilities with Pennsylvania families.

By Sydney Kerelo

Everybody deserves to be a part of a family, especially those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. KenCrest’s Lifesharing program helps people with IDD in Pennsylvania connect with community members who are willing to open their homes and their hearts to them. Since 1985, the Lifesharing program has brought together more than 140 families, with high hopes to connect more.

The Lifesharing program creates new and enduring relationships that help the people we support to achieve their goals, dreams, and greater independence. There are three KenCrest clients actively looking to meet their new forever “framily” (friends and family).

Meet Brian, Dan, and Jill:

Brian is a 60-year-old fun-loving man who enjoys being active within his community. He enjoys swimming, shopping, dining out, visiting the library, and attending sporting events. A few of his favorite sports include baseball, football, and hockey. He is a huge Phillies and Eagles fan! Brian is incredibly social and loves engaging with others. He can communicate well through a communication device and hand gestures. His favorite TV shows are “Survivor” and “Judge Judy.”

Brian’s ideal Lifesharing family would be either a couple with no children or one with older teenagers/young adults. He would ideally like to reside in Chester County but is also open to other areas.

Jill is a 44-year-old active woman seeking a Lifesharing family in Central Bucks County close to Doylestown or Dublin. She is incredibly friendly and enjoys engaging with others in conversation. Jill loves to spend time at the YMCA, taking walks through community parks, and volunteering at her local thrift shop. Her hobbies include doing puzzles, and crafts, playing her keyboard and visiting places like her local library, parks, and the movies. She loves playing mini golf, kayaking, and spending time with her family.

The ideal Lifesharing partner for Jill is a female or a married male/female couple. Her preferred environment includes no children and a non-smoking/non-pet household.

60-year-old Dan is autistic but has a strong zest for life. He is incredibly kind and helpful. He loves completing puzzles and is a wiz at completing 25-piece puzzles. Dan is seeking a Lifesharing family with a quiet, calm home. He is non-verbal and communicates primarily through gestures, facial expressions, and body language, but he understands nearly everything said to him. Loud noises, bright lights and large crowds should be avoided, when possible, with Dan because they scare him easily. Dan’s Lifesharing partner must provide him with routine, structure, and consistency.

Dan enjoys participating in tabletop activities like puzzles or coloring pages, listening to music, taking long walks, running errands, watching TV, and going for professional massages.

The perfect Lifesharing partner for Dan is a single person or couple with either no young children or older teenagers/adults. He prefers to live in Montgomery and Berks counties but is open to all possibilities.

Dan, Jill, and Brian are three of the people we support looking for a Lifesharing partner to spend the rest of their lives with. Want to help someone with disabilities achieve a wonderful life through Lifesharing?

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