Early Intervention

A team approach to setting goals and empowering dreams

KenCrest’s Early Intervention Services collaborates with parents and caregivers to identify developmental concerns for their children. Our dedicated interventionists support caregivers by implementing specific strategies throughout your child’s day-to-day activities.

Parents/caregivers collaborate with physical, occupational, speech, and nutritional therapists, special instructors, Behavioral Support Specialists, and social workers to create an individualized support plan for their loved one. Children receive services in their homes, childcare, and/or any community setting they attend with their parents or caregivers.

Our Early Intervention services are located throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. We also offer initial evaluation services and service coordination in partnership with the Delaware Early Intervention program.

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Child Care SWIFT Support

In 2020, KenCrest started a new business idea called the Child Care SWIFT Support program. This program helps children on the verge of expulsion from an Early Learning Center remain in their schools. KenCrest Special Instructors work collaboratively with teachers in the classroom to identify strategies that will help the child and teacher.

Special Instructors work with teachers to identify why certain behaviors are occurring. Together, they develop strategies to decrease those behaviors through coaching, collaboration, and demonstrations, which leads to a positive working relationship between the special instructor and the teacher.

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At KenCrest, we take a holistic, family-oriented approach to early intervention, supporting children with developmental delays or disabilities. We provide services throughout Chester, Bucks, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. In partnership with the state of Delaware, we offer service coordination, evaluations to determine intervention eligibility, and direct services.

I've been working with Joey for about 10 months as a special instructor. My role involves entering the home to work with Lisa and Joey, coaching Lisa on strategies to improve Joey's language development and social skills. Through our sessions, Lisa has shown remarkable adaptability and success in employing the techniques we discuss to aid Joey's communication through signs and objects, especially with music, his favorite stimulus.

Throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, we offer a comprehensive range of services including physical therapy, behavioral supports, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special instruction, social work, and nutrition services. These services aim to help children from birth to five achieve developmental milestones.

Our early interventionists utilize a coaching model to support parents in playing a centralized role in their child's therapies. All our therapies are trauma-informed and use positive approaches, working alongside caregivers to create collaborative environments. This collaboration extends to families, daycare centers, and preschools, helping to develop individualized support plans that integrate seamlessly into each child's daily routine.

Our philosophy emphasizes listening to the family's concerns as the foundation of our relationship, ensuring a collaborative approach. As children transition out of our program, parents and caregivers are well-prepared to advocate for their children, fully aware of how their children learn and what stimulates their learning.

For anyone considering early intervention, I advise starting as early as possible. There is no shame in seeking help, and early intervention can address your concerns and work flexibly around your schedule. The dedicated care provided can make a significant difference in your child's development.

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For more information about KenCrest's Early Intervention services, please contact Edie Harrison at edie.harrison@kencrest.org.