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KenCrest PA Birth-To-Five Mission

Our mission is to provide services to children to enhance their potential by working collaboratively with families to ensure knowledge and growth.

KenCrest has been providing services to children and their families in Pennsylvania. We support children from birth to age five and their families with a variety of services available throughout Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties.

Best Practices

KenCrest demonstrates best practices in the field of Early Intervention and supports a team approach when working with children and their families. All services focus on the concerns of the family or caregiver and the daily routines of the child.

KenCrest coaches and supports caregivers to implement chosen strategies throughout the child’s day. All services are provided in the child’s home, child care setting, or requested community environment (natural environment of the child and family).

Referral Process

Referrals for Early Intervention Services are made by families only. Once a parent or caregiver contacts the county in which they reside, the process is initiated. The evaluation process will begin and if a child is found eligible for service, the county will contact individual providers like KenCrest to provide special instruction or therapy supports. Services are voluntary, meaning, a parent has the right to accept or decline an evaluation and/or services at any time.

Qualifying For Early Intervention: Birth-to-3 Services

The process for children from birth to age three years qualifying for Early Intervention Services is:

1.) Parents/Caregivers contact the Early Intervention Program in the county in which they live, and an evaluation is scheduled. It will be completed in the family’s home or child care setting with the family present.

2.) An independent evaluation team and service coordinator will come to the home or preschool and administer a play-based assessment to determine eligibility. Eligibility is determined by a 25% delay in any developmental area.

3.) If eligible, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is written. The IFSP is developed with the parents or caregivers, evaluation team, and service coordinator from the county.  Parents or caregivers identify their concerns, and corresponding outcomes and strategies are developed that address the concerns to support the child and family in their routines within the home and/or community setting. Once outcomes and strategies are developed, the team, which includes the parents or caregivers, decides what services should support the outcomes.

4.) Once the services are identified, a provider is contacted. The provider assigns the interventionist(s) to deliver the service.

5.) Early Intervention Services – KenCrest is a non-profit agency that provides Birth-to-3 Early Intervention services in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties.

Qualifying For Early Intervention: 3-to-5 Services

The process for children from age 3-to-5 qualifying for Early Intervention Services is:

1. ) A parent or legal guardian who is concerned with their child’s educational development would contact their local County’s Intermediate Unit for a referral packet. An early intervention staff member from the Intermediate Unit will discuss the referral process with you.

2.) The Pennsylvania Department of Education is responsible by law for providing early education services for eligible children age three (3) to school age in the PA.

3.) In order to become eligible for Early Intervention preschool services, children of this age group must exhibit 1) a developmental delay of 25 percent or a qualifying disability and 2) require specially designed instruction.

4.) A multidisciplinary team of certified/licensed Early Interventionists access each child’s learning strengths and needs and make recommendations about eligibility for Special Education Programming.  The evaluation will include an assessment of 5 areas including (1) Cognitive Skills, (2) Adaptive (self-help) Skills, (3) Social/Emotional Skills, (4) Communication Skills and (5) Gross/Fine Motor Skills.  The evaluation will determine whether the child is eligible and in need of special education.

    1. If a child is found eligible, an IEP (Individualize Evaluation Plan) is developed with the family and evaluation team. The IEP outlines the child’s educational goals and specially designed instruction necessary to demonstrate developmentally appropriate progress.
    2. Outcomes and strategies are developed to support the needs of the child.

Parents and caregivers have a choice of what provider they would like to work with in supporting their child. If parents/caregivers have questions about the 3 to 5 year old process, please contact your local Intermediate Unit.

Kencrest provides itinerant services in Montgomery and Delaware counties. Kencrest’s early intervention services include speech, occupational, and physical therapy as well as special instruction and behavior support.


“The team of OT, PT and SLP’s from KenCrest gave my son a great start – the best he could have had! He is doing great in school now. They helped him and became like family to us!”

-Maureen A. 2018 (a former client)
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