Enabling Technology

Empowering People Through Technology

Enabling Technologies are tools and devices that allow people to gain independence in their everyday life. Since February 2020, our Enabling Technology Department has been supporting the people in KenCrest's residential and community programs by connecting them with innovative solutions to support their goals.

For a person with disabilities, Enabling Technology helps them deepen their interactions with others, control their environment without assistance, develop daily routines, and stay connected within their greater community.

Our Enabling Technology services start with a conversation to understand someone's wants or desires. Then, the Enabling Tech team searches for the right solution from an array of off-the-shelf devices and tools.

Some of the technologies currently in use throughout KenCrest programs include:

  • Automated medication dispensers
  • Video doorbells
  • Smart speakers
  • Environmental sensors
  • Emergency response systems
  • Smart appliances
  • Home automation technologies
  • Virtual coaching apps
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We also have a lending library comprised of various technologies available for loan, demonstration, and training. The lending library allows users to trial technologies to see what works.

In October 2020, KenCrest was the second organization in Pennsylvania to be awarded the Shift Tech First Accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to integrating independence-generating solutions to support individualized outcomes. Most importantly, it aligns with our mission to explore possibilities, mobilize resources, and empower dreams.


Contact Us

To learn more about our Enabling Technology program, please get in touch with our department at Enabling.Technology@kencrest.org. Please take a moment to review our intake/referral process.