Independent Supported Living Resources

KenCrest provides Supported Independent Living services to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities who desire to live on their own or with others of their choosing in the community of their choice. Participants may own or rent their own home. KenCrest will help people with choosing the best housing option for them. The supports we provide vary from person to person and may change over time as the needs of each person evolve. We currently serve Pennsylvania residents in Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester counties. The funding for Supported Independent Living supports comes through Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Program through Consolidated and Community Living waiver funding. All waiver-funded homes must be integrated and dispersed in the community in noncontiguous locations and may not be located on campus settings. For more information or to apply please contact Gina Dyer at

Types of Independent Supported Living

Unlicensed Residential Habilitation Services: Residents live in a home that KenCrest owns or leases.

Supported Independent Living: Residents live in a private home that the participant owns, leases, or rents.

In-Home Community Supports: Residents live independently in the community but do not have funding for the other two services; they may need supports specific to living independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms for Interested and Prospective Applicants