Supported Independent Living

KenCrest provides Supported Independent Living services to people with IDD who desire to live independently in the community. We enable people to live as independently as possible through comprehensive and flexible support in the community and residence of their choice. We serve Pennsylvania residents in the following counties: Bucks, Montgomery, Berks, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester.

Supported Independent Living Services

There are three services under the Supported Independent Living umbrella:

  • Unlicensed Residential Living – Residents live in a property that is owned or leased by KenCrest
  • Supported Independent Living – Residents own or lease their own home
  • In-Home Community Supports – Residents live independently in the community but do not have funding for the other two services; they may need support specific to living independently.

KenCrest finds new apartments for accepted referrals. We are never at capacity and can accept referrals at any time, and we strive to find apartments based on the person’s wishes and needs.

Individualized Support

Resident in Supported Independent LivingIn our Supported Independent Living program, we use a person-centered philosophy to develop a program that is unique to the supported person. At the outset of someone referred to our program, we use LifeCourse tools to help us learn about what is essential for them to have the life they want, what support they need and want, and how we can help keep them living their best life and accomplish goals that are most important to them.

As a person’s needs, desires for support, and life change, we can work alongside them to help with those needs and changes. We encourage people to have relationships with whom they want and how they want. We also support those who are parents, enabling them to continue living an everyday, meaningful life.

What sets us apart is that if they do not have a home picked out, each person receives the support of a Realtor to help them find the home of their choosing in the area they want. Having the chance to pick out their own home enhances the person’s experience of truly controlling where and how they want to live. We also offer 24-hour on-call services by trained personnel in an emergency.

Flexible Support

Some examples of services available to a person in Supported Independent Living may include:Resident at front door in Supported Independent Living

  • Development of daily living skills, including menu planning, shopping skills, and home maintenance
  • Growth of money management skills
  • Scheduling and attending medical appointments, communicating with healthcare professionals, and following up on healthcare needs
  • Accessing and participating in their community through staff support or receiving help to access public transportation or ride-sharing services
  • Accessing the local services
  • Advocacy

Click here to read about a resident in KenCrest’s Supported Independent Living program as he adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activity Club

The Activity Club is an informal social club where all people we support are welcome to participate. Those who are part of the club engage in activities like bowling, dances, arts & crafts, breakfasts, lunches, and coffee gatherings, to name just a few.


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