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KenCrest invites families of children receiving early intervention services to visit this page for important information. Review all of KenCrest’s Early Intervention service options. Check back often for upcoming events and resources! For more information about Early Intervention Services please contact Edie Harrison at

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Families and caregivers have a lot to think about when it comes to raising their children and trying to give them a good life. You may not realize that every day, government is making policy decisions that can impact your ability to achieve hopes and dreams for your family. That’s why it’s important for family voices to be represented in these decision making processes. This newsletter will make it easier for you to know when and how to do that, and to access resources and supports for your family. To make sure you keep receiving this valuable information, please sign up to receive our bi-monthly email newsletter direct to your inbox!


Would you like to have another parent to talk to who has similar experiences to your own and a child with similar needs? Parent to Parent can get you connected! Call 1-888-727-2706 or use this link to get to their website: Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

Testimonial Stories

“Despite the world shutting down in this unforeseen time our speech therapist still came through and ensured my son still received the help he needed. The dedication she puts into her work reflects in my son’s daily progression and for this I will always be GRATEFUL.”

“The therapists at KenCrest have been amazing to our son and family. They have given us new techniques and therapies that I have learned to incorporate into our everyday play. I am helping him progress and grow while enjoying new ways to engage with him. We are so thankful for our KenCrest family!”

“I cannot recommend early intervention enough! My son had very few words at 18 months.  Denise, with KenCrest, provided Special Instruction for him.  She met with him at his daycare every week.  Denise communicated with us very well about how his sessions were going and what she was observing at school. She worked closely with our family, providing us with insight for how we could work with him as well. At his next evaluation, it was very evident that she was someone he had come to trust and love.When the pandemic started, we transitioned to virtual therapy sessions at home.  Denise had lots of great ideas for games to play at home. She was very attentive and was able to keep my son engaged! When he aged out of early intervention our whole family was sad to not be working with Ms. Denise anymore, but so very happy with all the progress that was made! Early intervention is such a wonderful program, I cannot say enough good things about it.”

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