The Power of Giving: How Your Donation Impacts KenCrest


Without your help, KenCrest can't continue to exploring possibilities, mobilizing resources, and empowering dreams for those we support.

By Russ Stewart

Spring is a time for change; many know the saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” This old English proverb refers to rainy April days leading to vibrant May blossoms. It’s when you are encouraged to look past a time of hardship to the happiness and joy that follows. Many of those with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) in the KenCrest community have experienced their own form of growth in the face of challenge. Your donation gift helps to encourage change and create new possibilities for those we support.

KenCrest’s Enabling Technology department is a beacon of hope, creating new levels of independence and dignity in the human services world. Consider the story of Ryan, a member of our community living program, who used to struggle with showering alone and needed help with basic steps like washing his hair. The ET department intervened, installing an Amazon Echo Dot and Flic Wireless Button in his bathroom. Now, he can press the button and hear a guided step-by-step prompt.

That small device changed Ryan’s perspective and gave him back a sense of his dignity. He struggled through a period where he didn’t have autonomy over his own body. He then blossomed into a person whose self-respect has grown faster than any flower.


Enabling Technology, or Assistive Technology, assists people with disabilities in gaining independence in their day-to-day lives through devices like sensors, adapted tools, or even communication supports.

Every day, KenCrest heroes are changing the lives of those we support. Teachers lead their students' mental, social, and emotional growth in our Early Learning Centers. Direct Support Professionals open the door for individuals living with disabilities to join their communities. Early Intervention instructors provide critical answers for young children and their families when their world has none, and nurses ensure that complex medical issues are treated with the highest level of care. Your gift to KenCrest, regardless of size, provides immediate support to these team members and those they support, making a tangible difference in their lives.

With your help and the support of many others who have already made their donations, progress doesn’t have to slow down. Your donation today can be the catalyst for more life-changing technologies. Together, we can charge forward and turn the challenges our community faces into new beginnings.