June 2021 Update on Family Visitation

To the Families of KenCrest,

As more people become fully vaccinated from COVID-19, and as we continue to see a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in the regions we serve, KenCrest will continue to implement less restrictive guidelines to help those we support transition more fully into the greater community. One of our biggest priorities is doing what we can to support those in our care in reconnecting with their families and friends safely, as much as possible. We have created two sets of guidelines based on a resident’s vaccination status:

Vaccinated Residents

  • May visit with their families inside of their loved one’s home, IF, their visiting family members are fully vaccinated themselves.
    • Unvaccinated visiting family members may only visit outside their loved one’s home and must wear masks.
  • May go on overnight visits and/or on vacation with their loved ones, but should still follow community guidelines for mask wearing, regardless of their family’s vaccination status.

KenCrest defines “vaccinated residents” as those who—at least14 days prior received their second vaccine dose of Pfizer/Moderna or first and only dose of Johnson & Johnson.

Unvaccinated Residents

  • May only visit with their loved ones outside of their home, regardless of their family’s vaccination status, and must wear masks.
  • May go on overnight visits, but family MUST disclose their vaccination status. IF family members are not vaccinated themselves; their loved one will need to quarantine for 14 days with them, and must get tested and show proof of a negative result before returning home. Everyone should still follow community guidelines for mask wearing.
  • We do not recommend families taking their unvaccinated loved one on vacation.

All residents, regardless of vaccination status may receive gifts (including food) such as holiday baskets, care packages, etc to their homes. Please check with your loved one’s Program Manager for the overall status of the residence around your loved one’s dietary restrictions or any safety concerns.

As more of the KenCrest community becomes vaccinated, we will continue to create less restrictive environments. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or tested positive within a 14 day period, please do not schedule a visit and/or cancel any previously scheduled visit until you’ve had a negative test result, quarantined, or been fully vaccinated. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to your loved one’s Program Manager, Personal Outcome Champion, or email safety4kc@kencrest.org.

KenCrest appreciates your continued support as we do what we can to keep everyone safe, healthy, and included.



Rose Kehoe

Executive Director of Health Services