This PA Realtor Matches KenCrest Clients With Homes


Pennsylvania realtor, Deni Supplee, helps match KenCrest Supported Independent Living Residents with their dream rental homes.

By Sydney Kerelo

Deni Supplee, a Pennsylvania realtor, is working with KenCrest to partner residents in our Supported Independent Living program with rental properties in Montgomery County and the Philadelphia suburbs.

“I’ve been a real estate agent for over 35 years,” says Supplee of her real estate career at Long & Foster . “I have always loved real estate and investing. So, when Angela Marshall—KenCrest’s Director of Supported Independent Living—mentioned that KenCrest wanted to expand their Program and asked me to look for property rentals, I immediately said yes.”

One of our newest Supported Independent Living residents moving into her new home.

Supplee’s first job as a teenager was at home for people with disabilities, and she loved it. She later transitioned to real estate and property management, but she never lost that love for caring for people. So, when Angela asked her to help KenCrest find rentals, she jumped at the chance.

Over the years, Supplee has worked with many KenCrest clients to find rental homes for them. Each person in Supported Independent Living is matched with a realtor to help them find the home perfect for them in an area they want.

“One of my first clients was Lou,” says Supplee. “I loved seeing his excitement when he got his apartment. I can’t explain that feeling, but it’s more rewarding than real estate sales.” Although, Supplee admits with a laugh that her first-time home buyers are fun too.

As a realtor, Supplee has established connections with community and large property management groups and even mom-and-pop landlords for smaller homes such as duplexes and condos. While there have been both good and bad experiences with landlords and property management groups, most places accommodate KenCrest’s renters.

“There was one client in Delaware County who was in a wheelchair, and she couldn’t to fit through the front door,” says Supplee. “So, we made it so that she could get in through the sliding glass door and the community worked with us to do this.”

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Supplee has helped residents find homes to live in, and works collaboratively with property owners and KenCrest’s Facilities and Enabling Technology teams to help them adapt  homes to be ADA compliant; by installing bathtub handles, emergency response services, and voice assistant devices.

“The number one thing for me is residents’ safety,” adds Supplee. “I want to ensure that their areas are safe and that the home is safe for them. Every client has different wants and needs; some need to be within walking distance of transportation, and others want quiet on their street. We consider all those and then develop our search that way.”

Chris moving into his newest home through KenCrest’s Supported Independent Living program.

Another aspect of searching for a rental home is finding a location with good neighbors. There are a lot of myths and beliefs surrounding having someone with disabilities living in local neighborhoods.

“I think the biggest misconception is that that person will be noisy and create disturbances,” says Supplee. “Which isn’t true at all. But we tell landlords and neighbors that there’s somebody available 24/7 if there are any issues.”

Residents living on their own through KenCrest’s Supported Independent Living program have access to at least 19 hours of support with a Community Connection Coach or DSP (Direct Support Professional) and 24/7 emergency services.  

Supplee through Long & Foster, has helped KenCrest’s residents find rental homes for many years, and she plans on continuing her work with us for many more.

“I love seeing the excitement when they get their apartment; it’s fun, to be honest with you,” laughs Supplee.