Attention: Lifesharing Family Needed in Chester County

Lifesharing friends and family.

KenCrest is Seeking a Caring Family or Person

KenCrest Lifesharing is seeking a caring family or person to share their life and home with a man who has an intellectual developmental disability.

Please consider opening your home or referring a loving lifesharing family to KenCrest for a 59-year-old, fun-loving man who has a good sense of humor, enjoys sports, and spending time with family. He is independent and goes to a day program two days per week. We would expect that he is included in all family activities and be treated as part of the family unit.

What we offer:

  • Ongoing, training, support, and respite if needed
  • Tax-free monthly stipend
  • 24 hours of training required yearly

What we require:

Provide a safe, nurturing, healthy lifesharing family environment. Open your heart and home. Provide stability and support to help the person live his best life within your family unit.

If interested or know of who would be interested in becoming a lifesharing family, please contact Stephanie Brown at or call 610-487-1582, then dial 0.