Enabling Technology

KenCrest utilizes technology in various facets throughout the agency to help mobilize resources, explore possibilities, and empower the dreams of those we support. On this page you can learn more about enabling technology and a myriad of resources to make the communities of those we support more accessible and inclusive.



Enabling Technology

Often known as assistive technology, enabling technology describes a diverse range of devices that promote access and independence across a person’s day. Enabling technologies include home sensors, smart speakers, mobile device applications, communication systems, adapted tools, positioning equipment and much more.

For a person with disabilities, enabling technology (ET), helps them interact with others, safely follow medicine regimens, perform successfully at their place of employment and to stay connected within the community. Enabling Technology is any device or service that supports the people we serve and assists them in navigating their Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s).

KenCrest’s Lending Library, funded by a grant from the Truist Foundation, allows the people we support to borrow technological items and tests their capabilities, rather than making a costly purchase. There are several items within our Lending Library ranging from simple adaptions of existing products to highly sophisticated and specialized devices. Enabling Tech items can be categorized by cost and complexity as described below:



Inexpensive, easy to learn, readily available, simple to make and/or replace. Examples include pencil grips, visual schedules and reachers.


Requires some training, may need personalization, needs accessories like power support. Examples include simple communication devices, smart phones, and digital assistants (i.e. Amazon Echo).


More costly, customized, requires training support and/or maintenance. Examples include motorized wheelchairs, advanced communication systems and accessible home environments.

KenCrest’s Enabling Technology program is led by Director of Enabling Technology, Julie Daly, and Assistive Technology Specialist, Joe McGuire. This dedicated duo leads KenCrest to put tech-based supports in place for people with disabilities, regardless of their service provider or living arrangement.

Enabling Technology creates opportunities for people to engage in their community with greater confidence and a sense of belonging. This is what true inclusion is all about and a philosophy KenCrest boasts.

KenCrest’s Enabling Technology department is available to help you navigate this wonderful world. All you need to do is share the challenge; we can assist with the rest.

Want to find out more information? Contact us today at enablingtechnology@kencrest.org

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