Early Intervention (birth-three) Annual Training

Preservice Training Requirements


Annual Training Requirement


Bucks County Requirements

These are required to be taken ONCE

Supporting Adult Learners

Foundations: IFSP Laws and Regulations, Documentation and Developing Outcomes

Coaching Across Settings

Family Guided Routines Based Intervention

Developing Meaningful Goals and Outcomes

Writing High Quality IFSP Outcomes and IEP Goals

Progress Monitoring: Using A Seven Step Approach (pre-registration required) EITA website (Bucks and Chester counties)

Not currently available via EITA



State mandated training is applicable for supporting any relevant role at other organizations; these are not exclusive to KenCrest. There are required industry and role-based initial and annual training requirements for performing and supporting services with the populations we service. As an authorized contractor of KenCrest, you are not paid or charged for the cost for training completion but are provided access to our learning management system and select training content that may be leveraged to support compliance with maintaining your contracted agreement with KenCrest. Your relevant completed or updated training completions or associated certifications, regardless of source of completion, should be provided in a timely manner to KenCrest to maintain accurate records for licensing or audit purposes throughout your active agreement. Your training activity is transferable to any other provider you choose to service.