Welcome to the KenCrest Culture page! Here you will find documents about our PRIDE values, Mission Pins, and other materials about what we embody as an organization of employees dedicated to developing inclusive  communities.

PRIDE Values

KenCrest's PRIDE values (Positive approaches, Reaching higher, Inclusion, Discovery, and Excellence in leadership) remain the same; however, we've given the posters a makeover! Click below to view or print out the PRIDE Values posters for yourself or your office. Use these as visual reminders of the values we should strive for each day. The individual PRIDE values posters have new, detailed descriptions to help employees better understand what each value means.

PRIDE Values Poster - Main
PRIDE Values Posters - Main plus Individual Values

Mission Pins

exploring possibilities

mobilizing resources

empowering dreams

Have you seen a coworker Explore Possibilities recently? Maybe a colleague mobilized some resources to keep a resident's goals on track? Or perhaps a staff member empowered the dreams of a consumer, which made them so happy? If so, we want you to recognize them with a Mission Pin! We have reinvigorated our Mission Pin initiative with some updated language about how the PRIDE values tie into the Mission, as well as some examples of what each part of the Mission might look like. Please take a moment to read through the new Guidelines for Mission Pins. Whenever you see a colleague exemplifying a part of our Mission, fill out the form below and return it to the Marketing & Communications department.

Mission Pins Campaign Guidelines
Mission Pin Nomination Form