What it is Like to Work at SunnyBrook Ballroom

SunnyBrook Ballroom becomes KenCrest’s latest employee partner, giving the people we support a chance to learn important skills. 

Danny, Allyson, and Kevin work hard at SunnyBrook Ballroom.

KenCrest’s Latest Employee Partner

SunnyBrook Ballroom is KenCrest’s latest Employee Partner. Recently, Danny, Allyson, and Kevin were hired to work in various roles at SunnyBrook and all three of them agree that SunnyBrook is a wonderful place to work!

Danny assists in keeping the ballroom and bridal suites clean and polished. Primarily cleaning up after events, Danny vacuums, spot-sweeps, and mops, as well as collecting trash. Danny is happy with his job, is a friendly face around the grounds, and is always available for a chat with teammates and friends!

Allyson joined the SunnyBrook team at the start of June. As a laundry attendant, Allyson spends her day freshening the linens, uniforms, and napkins. Doing laundry is a task Allyson enjoys, which makes the position perfect for her. Allyson’s other talents include keeping banquet silverware nice and shiny.

Kevin’s role at SunnyBrook is social as he greets guests when they show up for an event. Kevin helps set up and tear down for each event, including collecting and stacking chairs. His job allows him to show off a special skill, which is his talent for fancy napkin foldings.

Danny, Allyson, and Kevin enjoy their work and receive various support from SunnyBrook and the employment team at KenCrest. For more information regarding our employment resources, please visit: https://kencrest.co/2SQ9gw8