Operation 1.4.3 (I Love You)

Food stored on shelves, bags of groceries


KenCrest became a community partner for Operation Backpack (now Operation 143) nearly a decade ago, helping to deliver backpacks filled with food weekly to families in need of a little extra support.¬† When the pandemic started and schools closed, the need for volunteers and the need for support for families only grew higher. Through KenCrest’s Community Participation program, people we support volunteer multiple times per week to help in food deliveries. Shout out to Zach and Leanna (along with their support staffer Chris) for doing over 20 food deliveries to families throughout the Pottstown and Norristown area. Not all heroes wear capes!


Volunteers pulling food carts and loading a van with bags of food


Handing over food bags to volunteers, putting delivery on porch, man and woman embracing