New Visitation Policy



Creating environments that embrace inclusion and active family involvement have been core values of KenCrest’s culture and mission for over a century. COVID-19 placed our organization in a very challenging position, and we can’t recall a time in our history where we’ve ever limited community participation or family and friends from visiting their loved ones. Although the pandemic is not over, we are doing our best to create a safe environment for those we support and our staff while we are preparing for our reintegration into the community, and for family and friends to start visiting again.

Our new family visitation policy will take effect on June 22nd, 2020, and may be revised at any time based on guidance from state authorities, health departments, and at our agency’s discretion. Please take a moment to review letters from our Executive Director of Health Services, Rose Kehoe, regarding visitation in Pennsylvania and Connecticut programs, as well as a copy of our visitation protocol that you’ll be asked to sign upon your first visit with your family member.


Connecticut Families


Pennsylvania Families