Michael’s 4-Year Anniversary at KenCrest

Michael sits on front porch, celebrating 4 years at KenCrest

Since 2017, Michael has Called KenCrest Home

In 2017, Michael transitioned from another organization into KenCrest’s Supported Independent Living program. The start of November marked four years since Michael became part of the family and he remembers the day perfectly: November 3rd, a Friday. When asked what his time with us has been like, he replied, “100% good!”

Some quick facts about Michael are that he is a mega-sports fan especially when it comes to Philadelphia teams. You can often find Michael supporting Philly sports from the living room or live at the stadium. In addition, Michael works at McDonald’s and is proud to earn some extra money. He hopes to spend his money on a plane ticket to visit family in Tennessee.

Read the full version of Michael’s story on our Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/KenCrest¬†Michael is a bubbly person, so you won’t want to miss out on his feature!