From Early Intervention Graduate to Nominated Trisomy Walk Champion

Charlotte Graduated from Early Intervention in March

From Early Intervention graduate to nominated champion at CHOP’s Trisomy 21 walk, Charlotte is making substantial improvements regarding her well-being and personal success.

During a prenatal appointment, Natalie received unexpected news of Charlotte’s Trisomy 21 diagnosis. “The first thing I did was pursue my own research,” says Natalie. “The CHOP website had great resources and gave me a list of what I needed to consider for Charlotte.”

Following Charlotte’s birth, Natalie called Early Intervention and was quickly connected with the appropriate care plan. Charlotte’s occupational therapist, Joanna, worked with Charlotte throughout the duration at Early Intervention.

“The experience taught me how to teach Charlotte daily activities,” Natalie shares. “Early Intervention was so helpful and I was able to learn many techniques that I never would have considered.”

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