Danielle’s Summer Job

A collage of Danielle working at Sesame Place as a roller coaster attendant.

Working at Sesame Place


Danielle was in for a roller coaster ride when she started her new job in June at Sesame Place. During May, Danielle’s on-the-job training began. Now, she safely leads guests onto the rides, ensuring each rider is fastened securely. At the conclusion of the ride, she helps the guests exit. Danielle is responsible for two roller coasters, Vapor Trail and Oscar’s Wacky Taxi ride.

Danielle is a Cookie Monster fan and loves the atmosphere of the park where the rides and entertainment are Sesame Street-themed. She enjoys watching the parades and the furry dancing friends! Danielle plans to remain part of the Sesame team.

Congratulations, Danielle, on your new job!