Chris Achieves Award in Employment

 Chris with employment award

Chris is an Exemplary Employee

Chris works at Normandy Farms Estates, a retirement community. Last month, he reached an extraordinary milestone!

Chris’ employment at Normandy Farms began in the dish room washing plates, silverware, and other utensils. Now, he spends his first two hours of the day prepping salads and desserts. Once Normandy Farms hires another dishwasher, Chris’ duties will fully transition to food.

In November, an anniversary certificate was presented by Andrew, Culinary Director, to Chris for being an exemplary employee who is always in a good mood and is a very bright person.

“I think he will do very well in his new position when it becomes available,” says Ben, Chris’ Community Connection Coach.

Good luck, Chris, everyone at KenCrest is cheering you on!