Honor a KenCrest Educator This Teacher Appreciation Week


Do you know of a KenCrest teacher, educator or instructor who goes above and beyond? Submit their name to be honored in a blog post!   

By Sydney Kerelo

National Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off May 2-6 with a four-day celebration honoring and respecting our local educators. Across the United States, students in schools from daycare to college level are celebrating by acknowledging the incredible work our educators do—including teaching through a pandemic.

According to nea.org, National Teacher Day began in 1953 when former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt proposed to set aside a day acknowledging the work of educators. Since then, National Teacher Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of the first whole week of May. This year, that day is within Teacher Appreciation Week on May 3rd.

For the past two years, educators have faced a complex challenge—Coronavirus. In 2020, schools shut down and went virtual to protect all staff and students from the virus. Months later, schools reopened their doors—either hybrid or full-time—but experienced numerous shutdowns in January 2021 when Omicron surged. But, throughout all the trials and tribulations, educators have prevailed.

KenCrest’s educators help the people we support through our Early Learning Centers and our Early Intervention services. For the past two years, our educators have braced virtual home sessions, worked around center shutdowns, and worked tirelessly to help our families get their support during trying times. It has been a massive undertaking and one that deserves recognition.

This year, KenCrest wants to honor the many teachers, educators and instructors who go above and beyond for the people we support by highlighting their extraordinary acts. We ask all our staff to submit a KenCrest educator that deserves recognition this year by May 3rd at 11:59 p.m. Please include their name, title and where they work out of below.

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Were you having trouble accessing the form? Email Sydney Kerelo with your submission at Sydney.Kerelo@kencrest.org.