You Might Need to Transplant an Entire Flower Bed

In this series, we explore movement — expanding beyond where we are to grow and taking opportunities when we have space, like plants that get a bigger pot.

Recently, a gentleman we support requested to take his medication, but he couldn’t do it with simple lessons; he needed extra support, and Enabling Tech stepped in.

He was given a medication administration dispenser, and we had to step out of our comfort zone to learn how to adapt to the new technology. We started by developing a plan to pick the medications up from the pharmacy, get it into the dispenser and make sure that it was always available on time.

Next, we uprooted the staff routines to ensure the gentleman received the correct medications at the right time. With the addition of Enabling Tech, the staff’s end goal stayed the same, but the method and routine changed. Instead of handling the medications directly, the team turned their attention to ensuring that the dispenser worked correctly and that he could safely take his medicine himself.

It took a few days of practice, but the system was working well within a week. The gentleman and his staff became comfortable with the new technology, and his request to take his medication independently was fulfilled.

A process like this is like transplanting an entire flower bed; each flower must be transplanted one by one until the flower bed is complete in its new space. Same with the gentleman we support; he needed step-by-step help to flourish in his new skill.

Through this story, we as a company is living our WHY — to help this person in our care achieves optimal independence. We needed to transplant, change our positions, and learn to make it happen. We did all of this because we committed to him.

Our logo is a tree with roots for a good reason.