Today is Way More Than Furniture

As a child, my parents rented a home next door to my grandmother. It was what people today would call a tiny house. As our family grew, the dining room and unheated porch became bedrooms, and I shared the unheated porch turned bedroom with my sister. We saved space by sleeping in bunk beds, but we, unfortunately, lost that home to a fire.

Our next home was a fixer-upper my dad bought, and we did all the fixing. When we moved into that home, our family was much bigger, and I had to share my room with three sisters and two sets of bunk beds! The bunk bed mattresses were pieces of foam my mom purchased and covered in vinyl. Our furniture was sturdy, simple, and made by my dad.

I was in high school then, and I traveled all over with my friends on public transit. I discovered the center city of Philadelphia and John Wanamaker’s department store. The store had many amazing things, and I have no memory of ever buying anything, but I did look! I don’t think I had more money than the cost of the bus and subway to get there. What I remember during those trips was this future house exhibit. It was set up with the most amazing furniture with fabulous features, and there was a four-poster bed with a canopy top. I remember the bedspread was dark red. We went there often to look, and I dreamed of that house!

At KenCrest, we had a soft launch of our new tech-enabled home two weeks ago. A soft launch is a practice run where we invite a small group and do tours to show what is possible in the house. This, too, is an imagination destination but of a different kind. This home will help people imagine self-direction, privacy, and safety options. This home will be even more critical than the Wanamaker display.

The Smarter Living home is a transformative space that empowers individuals to lead lives filled with dignity and independence. Every aspect of the home has been thoughtfully curated with a blend of technology and accessibility features, creating a truly person-centered experience for each visitor. Our vision is to unlock boundless potential, transform disabilities into abilities, and inspire limitless dreams for all who step inside.

One of the remarkable aspects of the smart house is its perpetual evolution, keeping pace with the rapid advancements in technology. While showcasing the home at the recent Master’s Event, we had the pleasure of meeting Helen, a vendor who shared her son’s challenge of opening the shower curtain. After offering Helen some ideas, we swiftly incorporated technology into the smart house within a mere 12 hours, creating an automated solution for this task that benefits everyone.

By creating an inclusive environment that offers endless opportunities, the home becomes a haven where individuals can thrive and realize their dreams.

Dreams are sources of hope, igniting our imagination and fueling us to action. Having dreams for the people we support and their families is our WHY. Imagining success and what we can do to explore possibilities with people is our HOW.

We are so fortunate to have this place to explore, and I look forward to sharing this home to ignite imaginations, clarify dreams and help make them come true.