There Is a Part For You

A few weeks ago, my family and I discussed around the dinner table what our favorite movies were, and my children guessed mine without hesitation: The American President. I love all parts of this movie–the President struggling with re-election over moral issues and the love interest advocating for the environment. The President has several staffers who play different roles in challenging him to do more and protect him from unfair public opinion. Of course, there is a lovely romantic dance scene with a waltz. All around, it checks all my rest and relaxation boxes.

Fast forward to this year’s Christmas Eve service at my church. The pastor showed us a video of a little boy, Milo, telling his mother that he has a classic part in the Christmas pageant. She was to guess what his part was, and after several wrong guesses, she told him she would need him to tell her. The little boy said he was door number three in a clearly excited voice. His job was to let the actors onto the set, and he was thrilled to play his part. He knew he could do it!

As I think about the new year ahead, I wonder what parts we must accept to play. The word I want you to focus on this week is “accept.” I believe we are all here for a purpose, and that purpose is right in front of us, but that doesn’t mean we will accept it. We need to be suitable for the part. We need to have the skills for the part, and the part needs to bring out the best in us so that others will see our good work. One part may not pay the same as the other. Nonetheless, in the case of the Christmas Pageant and our lives, something of significance will be missing if a part is not played.

Three people started KenCrest because they heard a call. After hearing a call, Reverand Fisher, Sister Roeck, and Dr. Eisenhardt started KenCrest. They listened to the need in Kensington to help immigrants with tuberculosis. While accepting that call was not easy or popular, and it didn’t pay, each person had a part in the success.

I believe everyone is needed. Without you, we will be missing someone important. Accept the right part for you, respond to the call, and train for it if you want a new one. Position yourself to be seen so that others will see your good works and be grateful. Pursue the needs of others, and open door number three.

Responding to the call at KenCrest means serving our neighbor in a way only we can. Happy New Year!