Take a Stand

Community Champions brings us incredible stories of community members making a difference by taking a stand. One of those champions was Desiree Murphy.

Most of us have heard of SNAP, and maybe some remember the “Food Stamps” program. It was 1975; I was newly married, a college student and my income was way below the poverty level, and I lived on loans and a work-study job on campus.

My husband and I heard about Food Stamps from another student, and we decided to apply. I can still see the face of the intake worker and remember the feeling of the application process. To be honest, I felt embarrassed.

But, I quickly became grateful once the food stamps arrived. In those days, it was like paper monopoly money. We ate very well and covered our entire food budget for the week with those “stamps.”

The reality of SNAP is very different. Your first clue comes from understanding the letter S, which stands for supplemental. The idea is these eligible people are getting a supplement to help them with food. Most do not have enough money for food, so a supplement is inadequate.

Desiree saw that reality and acted by creating Murphy’s Giving Market. Each guest is presented with healthy food choices, respect, and a voice in what will work for them. You can learn more about this effort by contacting murphysgivingmarket@gmail.com.

The market has supported clients at KenCrest throughout the years, providing the people we support with healthy food and respect.

I share Desiree’s dream of a healthy meal for all. Did you know that the number of children facing hunger in the United States rose from more than 10 million to nearly 12 million during the pandemic? In 2019, 5.2 million seniors aged 60+ faced hunger, and that’s 1 in 14!

Desiree took a stand and brought it to life.

I have a stand too. My stand is to grow leaders and to create an environment here that will make it possible for you to live your stand, whether that be something big or small. You and I to make it possible to bring great results to our community.