Take a Stand

A few weeks ago, our son called to say he had just seen the new Dune movie in an IMAX® Theater. When I suggested to my husband we could just watch it on TV, he said, “No.” He, too, wanted the big screen experience. So off we went to the movies together for the first time in about two years!

It was an impressive remake. I had read the book many years ago and saw the previous film. It has a little of everything: good versus evil, hint of romance, greed, and generosity. And as my husband predicted, I was struck by the visual images of the sand. It shifted, held danger, and pulled things and people into its doom.

The very next day, I go to church where we read about building your house on solid ground, not sinking sand. Whether it is a physical structure or the moral foundation of your life, sinking sand doesn’t work as a base for anything. If you move with sand you have no power over your destination and you can get pulled into or left in a bad place.

Hold that thought and consider the “rocks” on which you stand. What matters most to you? Of what in your life are you protective? What are you willing to work harder for, pray more for, dig into more deeply, and study more carefully?

If someone asked you, what do you “stand for,” what would you say?

For my whole life, I have taken a stand for inclusion. No one who is segregated is considered equal. I have taken a stand for those who have not yet found their voice. Just because they are not speaking loudly, doesn’t mean they do not have something which must be heard. I have taken a stand for giftedness — a belief that everyone is special in some way. I will make it possible for people to do more than they ever imagined, and that giftedness will be appreciated. My rock is solid. While I appreciate the shifting sand visuals from Dune, I will not move from this position in real life.