Inspire Growth

Recently I connected with members of our Early Learning and Training teams, and learned the stories of two staff members who took the opportunity to grow in their roles. With their permission, I’m sharing their stories:

Miss Everling

Miss Everling learned of our Early Learning Center when she was enrolling her own child in our program; she then went on to apply for position as a Teacher’s Aide. Miss Everling discovered how much she loved the work, and decided to advance her education to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, and become a teacher. No mom goes back to school without determination, some really amazing time management, and a large dose of inspiration! Miss Everling is proud of her career path and the impact she makes as an educator, and we are too.

Mr. Cotton

Many of you know him as Cordiero. He found inspiration to support at KenCrest first as a DSP with Erik Gore as his instructor. With Erik’s support Mr. Cotton advanced in the Training department; and in 2020 he obtained his Master’s degree! That degree inspired a new role to put his giftedness to work as Training’s Program Readiness Leader. Mr. Cotton lives out his “WHY” in his work daily, and truly engages others to be their best and share their unique talents to their respective roles at KenCrest.

A little tuition assistance helped these staff along the way. As I learned their stories, I was mindful of others in my life who inspired my own growth. My first two influencers did not go to college, and their inspiration was not at work — but at home. My grandmother was incessantly curious, and wanted to learn about the ‘next’ generation and what they wore, thought, loved. She was on a quest for inclusion, and anything she could do, or say to inspire it. My dad, a carpenter, tried his hand at building furniture, read magazines about building boats, tried that too.

These two staff saw possibilities and they got onto a growth path, a journey which expanded their influence! There are lots of paths for growth, pick one! It is a happier place, a more fulfilling day at work. Inspiration is all around us; let’s see it, let’s explore it, and let’s use it to grow our enjoyment of work and life in general!