In Gratitude

I recently received an unexpected donation from a family friend; he is the dad of a teenager with autism. While his son does not receive services from KenCrest, he knows of our work and is hopeful that we may one day be part of his life in the future. The gift was not small, but the message tied to it was even bigger than the donation. He thanked us for our work, and for trying to get things done even when they are really difficult. He said we were doing “God’s work.”

When I think of what we do, I am honored to be here and so thankful for each of you who contribute to the achievement of the people we support and their families. We get to explore possibilities with people within days of the life of a newborn facing developmental challenges. Families let us into their homes, find comfort and confidence in our work, and a see us as source of strength and hope. For the children in our Early Learning Centers we mobilize our talent, and the evidence-based practices of High Scope and Trauma Smart; to help these children set themselves on a successful path of learning. For their families, we help them feel supported and encouraged about the future. For adults with intellectual disabilities, we help their dreams to be discovered and enabled by technology, opportunities, and determination.

Whatever we will face in some difficult times, our ‘stand’ remains strong, personal, relationship-filled, and powerful. I am grateful for the spirit, the giftedness you bring to work. Please take my thanks home with you share with your family and friends as you celebrate. Happy Thanksgiving!