You Can Plan for Joy

Recently, I was reminded of the value of carving out a few minutes of quiet time for myself. At one point in my life, I had a great ritual where I would start my day with a cup of coffee and a good book. It was so peaceful. But somewhere along the way, I lost the habit. I got too busy and needed to remember to make time for myself. So, in this short blog series, I will focus on finding adventure, peace, and joy in everyday life.

Here is part one: the holiday catalogs.

I have some inexpensive glass balls in my yard and found a way to light them up. But the glass can’t live outside during the winter, so I must bring them in. My daughter and sister recently decided to replace some balls with Halloween decorations. They returned from the store, saying it was almost too late; Hannukah and Christmas decorations were already filling the stores. It seemed really early to me, but the Christmas catalogs started arriving a few days later.

As a child, we always got the Sears Wish Book, full of things we couldn’t afford, but I could dream. I imagined someday having a giant Barbie Dream House or a fake fur dress-up cape. The first catalog to arrive this year was a general gift catalog with a huge selection of t-shirts with fun sayings. I have no plans to buy any of them, but it did make me laugh. I think that the catalogs themselves are a gift to me. They give me a smile and a reminder to dream.

Here are some of the t-shirt sayings, and I hope they will brighten your day:

On the baby T-shirts:

Glad to be out, I was running out of womb

I believe you were expecting me?

I am not crying, I am ordering dinner

On the grown-up T-shirts:

I just did a weeks worth of cardio after walking into a spider web

Prayer, the worlds greatest wireless connection

Since there is only one of me, does that make me endangered or a limited edition

Faith does not make things easy, it makes things possible.

I will be getting more catalogs and expect more smiles.