I Want to Start a Movement: Curious

This month, there will be one word that will be the theme of the week. I hope you will use it often and explore what it means to you at work and at home. This word will inspire your achievements and help you find what you need to have joy, a sense of accomplishment, and an appreciation for the gifts we exchange.

Assumptions are easy to make, but when you take a moment to become curious, you might find out something new. Making room for curiosity creates space to explore possibilities. In the story of Christmas, curiosity leads the three Wise Men to leave their routine to find an answer to their question. We might miss out on possibilities in our lives if we forget to be curious. It’s not just about what could happen in this moment, but what about the next moment, the following year, the next step. People might make assumptions about what an individual is capable of, but there’s so much more room for growth when you hold on to curiosity.

In the story below, Jessica Birkmire, the Director of Employment, discusses how her program explores curiosity.

“The journey through Employment Services is the very embodiment of “curious.” This journey begins with an initial interview or assessment that delves into what an individual wants and can do. Curiosity drives us to ask about the ideal working conditions, skill sets, and support needs for successful employment. This is expected to lead the individual to a job in the community with a competitive or fair wage.

But employment continues with a current job success. We take “curious” to the next level by asking, “What’s next?”

A young man who graduated from our Project SEARCH program has been a part-time Target employee for two years. Recently, his job coach started some thought-provoking conversations by telling him you have a job now, but what about a career? This young man is currently exploring the possibility of a career in welding and looking into trade schools, all because he became curious.”

The word for this week is “curious.” What are you curious about that could change how you look at the world?