I Want to Start a Movement: Can

One word will be the theme for this week, and that word is “can.” This word will inspire your achievements and help you find what you need to have joy, a sense of accomplishment, and an appreciation for the gifts we exchange. I hope you will use this word often and explore what it means to you at work or home.

Last spring, during KenCrest’s annual fundraiser, Masters attendees were invited to participate in various activities, dinner, and even a silent auction. During the event, several informational tables were set up throughout the venue, and one of those tables highlighted our Smart Home New Business initiative.

Since the Smart Home is so new to our organization, the information table drew much attention. People were stopping left and right to learn about our lending library and see the different technologies we installed into the home to support those we care for. A bank sponsored one table at the event, and one woman from that company happened to be a parent of an older child with disabilities.

She walked over to the table and was instantly intrigued by one piece of technology, particularly the Switchbot Curtain.

In our Smart Home, we utilize the Switchbot Curtain to open and close the front window curtain using a remote control, IOS or Android app, or even by asking Alexa, “Here comes the sun.” She explained that her son is independent but has recently had difficulty opening and closing his shower curtain while bathing. She asked whether the Smartbot Curtain could be utilized to solve this challenge, and we saw no reason it wouldn’t be able to.

The following day, while regrouping at the Smart Home to reinstall the technology that was borrowed for the event, we decided to test the use of the Smartbot Curtain on the shower curtain, and it worked. The shower curtain opened and closed flawlessly using voice commands and the remote-control buttons.

The word of the week, “can,” is mighty. Technology “can” provide independence when physically unable to do so. Technology “can” be used to make dreams possible. Technology “can” be used in ways it was not originally intended.

Schedule a visit to the Smarter Living Smart Home to see other ways that technology “can” provide possibilities and independence to individuals with disabilities.