Build on What You Do Well

Early in my career, I figured out what I could do well and learned that I was alone. There are many people in this world, and if you aren’t good at something, someone else may be great at it.

The path I took was not entirely straight. I made changes deliberately to see things from different perspectives, learn new skills, get opportunities, and tackle projects that would stretch my abilities. In this regard, my dad was my role model. He was a carpenter, and growing up, I remember him always learning about new approaches, stains, woodworking tools, and new materials he could use. He still reads magazines, looking for creative new ways to get things done. He told me it’s essential to be good at whatever you are. To me, that meant being open and pursuing learning.

The actual job titles I have held are longer than you might imagine. DSP, Office Manager, Quality Assurance Director, Executive Director, VP of HR, Regional Director of Billing, and Chief Operating Officer are all titles that I have held. I am sure I could write a list of what each role did for my ability to take on the next one.

Once you have something you love, building on it is the next step to happiness in life. Consider these two KenCrest family members.

Catina is a Direct Support Professional in Delaware. She is exceptional not only with the individuals she supports but also as a mentor to her colleagues. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, regardless of the task. She ensures that all the people she supports have memorable birthdays. She consistently takes them on outings like visiting horses or going shopping. Catina has a full-time career outside of KenCrest but chooses to come in as part-time staff because of her love for the individuals. She is good at connecting with everyone around her and making them feel included.

While Michael received support from KenCrest for many years. He cares deeply about the importance of work and being able to earn his own money. Over the years, he tried different jobs but struggled to find the right fit. That changed two years ago when he started washing dishes at a school. Not only does he now earn his own money, but he enjoys what he does and knows that those around him appreciate him.