Grateful for the Heroes

As we enter the halfway mark for September, we must celebrate our work. Recently, I could relate to a fun memory of my childhood. My family ended our summer picnic season with a bang! We enjoyed a big family picnic filled with games, food, and fun. This year’s game was called “Wonder Woman.” In the game, the youngest woman on our team had to put on some wonder woman costume feature and then complete several timed tasks like rescuing a stuffed cat for a tree.

There have been many incredible women in my life, and I am sure there will be more. But I started to think, who was the first professional woman I admired? Who went to school to study to be something? Then I remembered Mrs. H. She lived next door and had a nurse’s uniform.

In those days, they wore starched white caps with everything white — dress, shoes, stockings. I thought Mrs. H was unique, mysterious, and poised. To me, she was the real wonder woman of our time, the highest professional woman I could imagine. She was a hero.

Nurses are still heroes. The nurse practicing in health care today has many choices to take her knowledge for a spin. We are honored by those incredible nurses who chose us, KenCrest. The nurses who work here are promoters of health, interpreters of complex information, connectors to other professionals, evaluators of approaches, teachers, coaches, and advocates.

I didn’t know then what the definition of a real hero was, and I doubt that the world knew the definition either until covid hit. There are many heroes in the world, and today I am remembering my first, the nurse!

I hope you will join me in honoring a nurse today. I hope you will be grateful for all the heroes in our lives.