Find the Hope and Carry it Forward.

This week, I began listening to Broadway tunes on my Amazon music, and I keep getting random songs in a shuffle. What I wanted, by the way, was 1776 the musical, but sometimes magical things happen, and you must roll with it.

Today, two songs popped up, “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha and “Getting to Know You” from the King and I. All these musicals, are historical but inaccurate. The real stories included struggles of oppression, hard-to-fathom judgments of people’s worth, failures, misunderstandings, and discrimination; but there was also hope, which was found in the music.

When I listened to the “Impossible Dream,” what came to mind was our current workforce crisis. It may feel like an impossible dream that we get through this era, and I have never seen shortages like this in my life, but it was pleasant to hear someone in an uplifting way commit to the most challenging work, the so-called impossible dream.

Looking at real history stories, the problems that were solved were often by accumulating small successes by someone who didn’t accept the status quo. Hmm… in our history, we did not take things for the way they were.

The second song I listened to, “Getting to Know you,” starts with a positive reference to teachers and the wisdom they develop over time. It goes on with great care to discuss how we need to know each other and create a safe space to be ourselves. Who doesn’t want that?

When I think of these two songs together, I am called to say that tough times require two personal commitments — courage and kindness. As it relates to our community, those of us who are joined in the mission, we need to think well of each other and keep our dialogues safe for all. We must muster the courage, ask questions, challenge our expectations, and dig deeper into WHY we take specific approaches. We need to get engaged and get to know each other so we can generate all the ideas we can and mobilize them. If we do, the dream will no longer be impossible.

Here are some links in case you want to hear the music.

The Impossible Dream — YouTube Luther Vandross

Julie Andrews — Getting to know you — YouTube

Maybe you, too, feel the magic…find the hope and carry it forward.