Feel the Power of Acceptance

There are multiple meanings to the word acceptance, but today I want to focus on only one. Acceptance is the action of consenting to receive or undertake something that is offered.

At work, we are all here because we accepted the job offer. We consented to come here, pursue a career that needs to be done, and be a part of this culture. It all started with one act of acceptance.

I have been in this industry for over 45 years, and when I reflect on my career, I remember an act of acceptance that still holds a mystery for me today. At the time, I was new to management and actively expressed my interest in learning new things and being of service. One day, my higher-up stopped to give me an assignment, and as he explained it to me, I found myself growing anxious. I figured honesty would be the best place to start, so I told him I had no idea how to complete the assignment.

He smiled at me and told me to take the first step and ask someone for help. So that’s what I did. I went to Harrisburg, sat anxiously in a waiting room, and hoped I would find the necessary answers. Once I was there, I felt like a queen. The folks in the department took me in, gave me the knowledge I needed, and helped me create a plan to complete the assignment. My higher-up told me that once I took that first step, it would be apparent what I needed to do, and he was so right. I still wonder to this day, what it was about me that impressed my boss so much that he would trust me with this task. Why did he think I could handle it? Unfortunately, he passed away before I could ask him.

Most of us are curious and creative; we long for work that tests our limits or inspires us to do something new. As you look at your work, I hope you will find acceptance and take on something that inspires you and allows you to tap into your abilities. In the words of David Marquet, the author of Turn the Ship Around, this creative work is considered the blue work. Blue work is about embracing creativity, exploring, and always wanting to improve. As we think about the year ahead, I wish you acceptance of the blue and all your imagination.