Everybody Needs a Karle

Years ago, I went to visit my friends Connie and Carl. At the time, they were battling cancer, and I could sense their challenges in keeping up with their medications.

I remember calling their son and asking him to help them sort their paperwork and prescription bottles. They wanted to remain in their own home with support, but without a team of people to help them manage, it would be nearly impossible.

Fast forward a few years, and I meet another “Karle.” He was helping to apply a new solution to my friend’s problem, a medication dispenser. Now, fillable devices can prompt someone to take their medication, and they will notify someone if they fail. These devices will not let you take the wrong medications!

Ken Karle, a pharmacist at Willits in Hatboro, is working with us to change how direct support professionals administer medication. With his help, KenCrest’s Enabling Technology department can utilize these medication dispensers to help the people we support expand their independence.

While Ken Karle did not receive a champion award during our Community Champions event, he is still a true champion in our minds. Everyone needs a Karle, someone willing to work through a new way to make someone’s life easier and help them keep or gain independence.

Thank you, Karle for reaching higher for the people we support, and thank you to those working in the shadows to help make our community a better place.