Bring the Gifts that Matter

During the week of Christmas, we talk about gift-giving more than any other time of year. We talk about how retail sales are better or worse than in prior years, the benefits of online shopping, and the age-old question, did I buy too much or too little?

All these thoughts are related to gift giving, whether receiving a gift or giving one. We imagine ourselves gifting our children big, fancy, and meaningful gifts. We appreciate and anticipate each person’s joy when they open their gift or play with their new toy.

While these weeks in December are fun for many, they can remind us how others within our community are constantly struggling year-round. This holiday season, give a non-material gift, like solving a problem for someone or helping a person find comfort. These are all gifts of the spirit and are also free. We don’t pay in dollars and cents but in time.

The funny thing about this exchange is that you feel good after shining a light for someone to see.

This holiday season, I ask all of you to bring these gifts of the spirit to your work. Please see where you can help people and celebrate that this week. Now and always, we have all the needs of the spirit. I hope you find ways to celebrate that in the days ahead with your coworkers, friends, and family.