Be Mindful So That You Are Paid or Rewarded

In life, most of us will need to work. What you do for work needs to follow what you love and what you can build on. I was happy to find a career path that fit the definition of a happy life: meaningful work and financial sustainability. However, work is not the only place to be rewarded and find fulfillment.

I quilt and have been rewarded with ribbons in quilt shows. I run and have won my age group in races. Hint: As you age, fewer people are running in your age group! I volunteer in community organizations in both leading and serving roles. I have found joy in all these things.

Consider these stories of people at KenCrest who also made mindful decisions.

KenCrest has had many recent promotions throughout the organization, including Kelly Sanders, an employee transitioning from a Behavior and Sexuality Specialist to a Clinical Coordinator. Kelly has worked at KenCrest for six years in our clinical department, helping those we support who have experienced trauma, marginalization, or oppression. In both roles, she has helped numerous individuals, but in her current role as Clinical Coordinator, she has extended her reach to help even more needy people.

For the past 12 years, Brett Askin has worked in group homes in Delaware, helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live a safe and meaningful life. Askin started with KenCrest in December of 2022 as the Division Director for New Castle County, but soon after, he was promoted to Executive Director of Adult Residential in Delaware. For the past eight months, Askin has overseen 20 of KenCrest’s Adult Community Living homes and has made incredible relationships with the individuals there. He has helped improve the quality of life for several people living in Delaware homes.

Brett Askin and Kelly Sanders have made the mindful decision while working at KenCrest, but so have a few people we’ve supported. Former Project SEARCH intern Hannah recently accepted a position with First Children’s Service — an organization that provides specialized education and therapeutic services to children in need and their families. This position was created around Hannah and her talents. She began this position earlier this summer to not only earn income but as a way for her to help others in need. And she has thrived. While this position is a pilot, the organization will consider adding it to their other clinic locations if it goes well.