Another Reason to Cry About Taxes

Sheila Fehrenbach worked at KenCrest for more than 25 years before her retirement in 2014. She was an instrumental part of our organization, and we missed her dearly when she left, but we kept in touch.

During Sheila’s retirement, she began volunteering at AARP, helping complete people’s tax returns and three-years-ago KenCrest and Sheila reconnected. Sheila helped us prepare federal and state income tax submissions for the 250 individuals we support.

The pandemic made this work even more challenging with less in-person activity, but Sheila and the other AARP volunteers maintained their commitment and helped us immensely. One individual precisely, Jun-Ming, helped our accounting team create a shared drive to complete all returns quickly and efficiently. Individually reviewed before being electronically filed, this project took around 125 to 150 hours to complete.

Sheila and her colleagues, Larry Tuliszewski and Jun-Ming Lin-Haines, received the Exploring Possibilities Champion award during our 7th annual Community Champions event this October.

Indeed some of us have shed a few tears over income taxes, but this year, there were tears of gratitude instead of sad tears. We are thankful for the three years of support the AARP team has given KenCrest.