A vocation for everyone!

Every time I decide to take a few days off, I struggle to wind down. But that was not the case this past Labor Day weekend. My only guess is that I needed to relax. I got an urgent request that a liturgist was required in our church and said, “sure, why not.” Usually, in the quiet moments or the songs at church, I find new peace and new inspiration. So, in our congregation, we recognized work as a good concept for reflection on Labor Day.

The sermon quoted a Christian author who wrote, your vocation is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. I believe I am called to that place when I think about my work. I have a WHY which influences what I do and how I do it, and that WHY is huge.

I regularly reflect on a quote of Jewish wisdom: “it is not up to you to finish the task, but you are not free to avoid it.” Also, I reflect on the Muslim belief about community service that, “we are not doing a favor to the poor, but rather they are doing us the favor of helping to fulfill our obligation.”

We have a solid stand to take in our vocations at KenCrest. Whether you are behind the scenes processing credit card bills, sending claims for payment, teaching a class, or coaching a family or staff member, we have the powerful opportunity to stand for goodness.

We want every child to have a great start in life.

We want everyone to live in a home filled with love.

We want everyone to worship and be together as they choose in freedom.

And we hope that everyone has a vocation.

I will admit that the tasks humble me, but I know I will not finish them. I believe my deep gladness comes from creating a place where people will multiply their impacts and find amazing ways to bring their talent to those tasks. Then when it is my turn, I will rest without worry that someone will carry on. I think this job is doing me a favor.

Whatever you have chosen, I am grateful for your labors. As you pursue your selected tasks, I wish you that deep gladness and delight from feeding the world’s hunger.