A joyful ritual for everyone every day! 

Even after more than 50 years together, my husband continues to make me laugh. Last night, he was sitting and eating two small brownies. I asked him why he had such a big grin on his face, and he said he was “working the plan.”  I replied, what plan is that? He said, “I set aside these two brownies, and that is all I am going to eat.” He said they were delicious as he licked his fingers! The man has impressive discipline. He has this daily ritual of eating a snack at the same time every evening. He budgets these calories for something sweet and does not exceed his “daily dose.”

I think there is so much joy in rituals, anticipating something good that will occur at the same time every day. The reality is it does not need to be brownies. It could be music, prayer, meditation, aromas/aroma therapy, a relaxing bath, or five minutes of breathing exercises.   

Rituals and routines are part of the fabric of life, which brings comfort and can also bring joy. I hope you will look at your day and check for rituals you already have or may consider for the comfort and joy you may be missing.  It is a discipline, and it’s worth the effort.