Check Out These 5 Enabling Tech Items From Our Lending Library



Discover all the different enabling tech items a person with disabilities can use daily like the Raizer Lift chair or the Amazon Echo Show.

By Sydney Kerelo

Enabling Technology, or Assistive Tech, allows the people we support to interact with others, safely follow medicine regimens, perform successfully at their place of employment and to stay connected within the community.

New technologies are coming out everyday and KenCrest has access to the latest technologies thanks to a grant through the Truist Foundation, which funds our Lending Library. This inventory features a variety of tablets, smart devices, adaptive switches, pen readers, home sensors, video doorbells, medication dispensers and so much more. The Lending Library provides real-time opportunities to borrow items and see what the capabilities are rather than having to purchase each item. 

Check out these five items from our Lending Library that help the people we support live an independent lifestyle. 

1. Raizer Lift

With the capacity to lift 330 pounds, the battery-operated Raizer Lift chair limits risk when helping someone into a standing or sitting position. One person can operate the enabling tech aid because it requires minimal assistance assembling. 


2. Adapted Stylus

One enabling tech item in our lending library is the adapted stylus that helps those with lousy dexterity or no finger mobility to touch a screen.

3. Amazon Echo Show 10

With a 10.1″ HD touchscreen, the Amazon Echo Show 10 helps people with disabilities control areas of their homes with the voice assistant. Plus, the screen moves around the room, following you.

4. Timed Med Dispenser

Do you or someone you know forget to take your medication at the proper time? This timed med dispenser from our enabling tech lending library dispenses up to four times a day and can dispense at specific times. If someone misses taking a medicine dose, the dispenser alerts caregivers. Additionally, only the compartment under the window opens to hold the dispensed medicine.

5. Induction Stove

The induction stove is an excellent addition to any kitchen because as the cookware gets hot, the stove top stays cool. Also, it is perfect for those who have safety concerns

Want to learn more about our Enabling Technology department and the lending library? Visit our program page by clicking here!