Vaccine Fireside Chat With the Twin Sister Docs

Twin doctors in masks

Many of us have at one point or another felt a little hesitant about getting the new COVID-19 vaccine. Was it developed to quickly? Is it truly safe for me? Do we know all of the side effects? We all have so many concerns and at times the answers we’re getting leave us with more questions than answers!

In this 40 minute video, our CEO & President Marian Baldini has a heart-to-heart chat with two well-respected doctors from the Philadelphia community, to get answers to many of the questions we’ve been asking.

Watch the Fireside Chat

Twin Sister Doctors

Dr. Elena McDonald and Dr. Delena Wardlaw, also known as the “Twin Sister Docs,” educate Black and LatinX communities on their health options, and serve as a voice— locally and nationally—to address the specific needs for minority communities. Both board-certified doctors are practicing physicians; Dr. Wardlaw as a Family Medicine physician through Temple Health, and Dr. McDonald is a pediatrician and owner of three practices in Philadelphia—Memphis Street Pediatrics, Pizzica Pediatrics, and Castor Pediatrics.