Agency-Wide Relias Trainings Reminder


Complete Overdue Relias Trainings


Coronavirus Getting to the Facts and 3 Steps to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Relias trainings are both overdue, if you have not completed them. Please login to and complete immediately.

You may have finished watching the training, but have you completed it? Hundreds of users/learners have watched the videos, but not completed the training.

How do you know you’ve completed your trainings? You’ve reached and completed the page where you have verified or attested to being yourself by clicking the red check box and statement (“I attest that I, YOUR NAME, have reviewed the content for 3 Steps to Stop the Spread of COVID-19″); have clicked submit; and then reached the final score page from your training. Upon this, click exit and you have now entirely completed your training! If you have not done so, please log back into Relias and complete this section, your training is marked as incomplete until this section has been completed.

Thank you KenCrest!